Galactic Fortress 4

GF4 is a virtual hackerspace and computer club. We are a collective of freethinkers who share information, computational resources, and hosted services on a private network.

GF4 is, and always will be, private and invite-only. If you are a member and have set up wireguard, you can enter the private portal.

Web search

You can use this free private web search with no trackers or data-harvesting.



Our users can be reached at or * Maybe you came here after recieving an email from this domain? You can rest assured that the account is owned by a real vetted person.

If you are receiving spam or email errors from our server, please email postmaster@ on this domain.


You can federate with us on matrix at this domain. Users have the handle


There's a mumble server running on this domain. Connect to it with any mumble client and give yourself any username. Leave the password field blank.



Gitea is a github replacement and we use it to host our public repos.


Urban Terror

We host a public Urban Terror server on this domain. Come say hello on matrix ( or signal. We play on blue team against robots. Voice chat on signal or mumble.


Web search

SearxNG private web search instance. Outgoing queries are routed through our tor bridge.


Use this handy speedtest to check your internet speed against this server.

Tor bridges

Use our tor bridges to prevent timing attacks (see YouTube: Computerphile: How Tor works).

Paste these lines in your Tor Browser connection settings under "add custom bridges".

obfs4 D5E9F7BED027D899F25E34440FEBF7B31107EB71 cert=/2fABoJN05CqJZI14iVMwxMAZEBHLfgTsuU5q1YApW/hc+vZ7WwCTW3fLXYwXiMIn2R8Pg iat-mode=0
obfs4 6C67EC75FED388AA59984159C96865BDB767772F cert=OS1G9pm7i3MkhwFG29Ld+xCeCIYsiEg1JAJMOJgNMk/OV6ekNQiY6nLaw78/ehEIMnGkMg iat-mode=0

Push notifications

ntfy is a service that sends notifications on receiving a webhook.

Monero node

You can use our remote monero node by entering into your xmr software.